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    We have many years of experience in sales of integrated
    circuits and embedded systems applications development


Newtek is a professional embedded solution provider with many year experience of developing embedded solutions for customers in China. Currently Newtek has branch offices in HK, Shunde, Fuzhou, and Chengdu to provide service to customers in major elecronics markets in China. We are authorized distributor and technical support centre for HOLTEK; RDC; TLSI; AOS; and AMICCOM. Our product lines cover 8 bit MCU, 32bit CPU, power management, and RF products. With a dedicated R&D and technical support team and professional experiences on embedded solutions, Newtek has been an embedded-solution provider for many electronics manufacturers in China. Our solutions covers the areas of home appliances, automobile, industrial control, security, and consumer products etc. We focuses on providing value-added service and high quality products to our customers. More>>

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Product development orientation in 8-bit microcontroller IC-based, with a microcontroller peripheral IC supplemented architecture,.More>>


Power management design firm leaders, its excellent design team of top designers from Maxim independent business.More>>


Set design, development and sales of American global power semiconductor suppliers, AOS offers a wide range of power semiconductor product lines.More>>


Telephonics companies have adopted advanced technology from audio headset leading manufacturer evolved, widely recognized very complex monitoring.More>>


we have been focused R & D CMOS RF semiconductor chip manufacturing process to provide our customers with high performance.More>>


AMIC to provide customers with all kinds of Memory IC products, called today's semiconductor industry's first. From high-speed SRAM to FLASH Mask ROM .More>>
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